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About Lighting Style

Who we Are
Lighting Style has two divisions: B2C (Business to Consumer) selling many thousands of lights through this online store; and B2B (Business to Business) selling residential, commercial and industrial lights directly to designers, architects, builders, construction companies and tradies.

We are obsessed with lighting
OK we admit it: we are obsessed with lighting. We go to a cafe and instead of looking at the menu, we admire the lights. But that's to your massive advantage because we are forever dedicated to the cause of getting you breathtaking lighting at killer prices.

Expect the best
We source only the most beautiful, refined, chic and high quality lighting. We reject anything that we consider below that very high bar.

Expect the lowest prices
You should not pay a premium to own high quality lights. Because of our fantastic business model and low running costs, we pass huge savings on to you.

Know what you are buying
We will share everything you need to know about your lights - features, dimensions, finishes, detailed images and more.

Superb range
Our range of lighting is huge without being rediculous - so you have a superb choice of fixtures, but not so many that you are overwhelmed.

The very best service
A huge proportion of our customers return, which should tell you everything about our service! Our mission is to provide the best online service, anywhere. That includes outstanding warranty, quick replies and fast delivery.

So relax, enjoy our range, and take your time to select something wonderful.